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Gluten Free Pasta

Without doubt our Tenuta Marmorelle Gluten Free Pasta is the very best on the market and a lot of hard work went into getting a truly authentic gluten free pasta.

It took over two year's of development and taste testing to achieve a pasta that not only looks but also tastes like "regular" pasta. The most important aspect are the ingredients, just cornflour, rice flour and water, nothing else is added.

Our pasta is made in an artisan way, as it is slowly extruded through a Bronze Die, which is where we get the term, Bronze Drawn. This gives the pasta a rough texture, which really holds the sauce well when it is cooked. Industrially produced pasta is extruded very quickly through a Teflon die, which gives a very smooth pasta and the sauce will slip right off...The other important artisan aspect of the production is that the pasta is slow dried to replicate the way pasta was dried under the Italian sun in the past. Depending on the shape the pasta is dried from between 24-72 hours. Once again this differs to industrially produced pasta, which is blasted with heat and then cooled very quickly to make the process as quick as possible.

A slow artisan process is more costly than a quick industrial process but the final result is a product that actually has a lovely taste, will hold the sauce well and won't leave you feeling bloated.

Our Gluten Free Pasta goes through the exact same process as our "regular" Bronze Drawn Slow Dried Pasta and we have 11 different shapes!

Due to the above process our Gluten Free Cannelloni and Gluten Free Lasagne both need to be parboiled for approximately 5 minutes before you arrange the final dish and finish in the oven.